Israeli Security Training For Synagogues

#1 Soft Target Security Training Platform In The Country

This training program includes 4 Courses/Over 12 Hours/72 Modules of Israeli Grade Security Training

Intro To Israeli Security  Israeli Plain Clothes Security Operations   
Israeli Security Multi-Layering         

Whether you currently have security but are looking to increase it, or create a security program from the ground up, our Synagogue Security Master Training Program will get you and your staff the training it needs to begin to develop the protocols necessary to protect against terrorism or an active shooter style attack.

Less than 10% of budgets are spent on security and security training which is where 100% of your dependency will be on in the event of an attack.  Bottom line, if you want to increase survivability, then you need to increase your overall security education so that you can learn to master your own safety.

In this complete certification program you will learn:

  • 4 Courses/12 Hours/72 Modules Delivered Direct To You 
    Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop
  • Fundamentals Israeli Security For Soft Target Protection.
  • Intro To Israeli Security 
  • Israeli Predictive Behavioral Profiling 
  • Director Of Security Operations
  • Plain Clothes Security Operations 
  • Behavioral Detection for your guards 
  • Special Event Management
  • Multilayering
  • Working Armed    

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